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    Individual process carried out in 10 sessions, online, to develop entrepreneurial characteristics and management and leadership skills necessary to achieve a specific objective.

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  • Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach Business

    Customized strategic planning and development for your company. Specific training for the areas of management, sales, administrative, finance, etc.

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    Improvement and evolution of entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork.

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    Learn how to create unique differentials for your business and stand out among your competitors.

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Dear Paola !!!
I'm on the plane going to Australia!
I tried to send you several audios but I got very emotional and the voice don't leave....
I'm now embarking on my gap year and I'm just going to do it. I feel one deep gratitude for you appeared in my life!!
Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!
Meeting you was amazing and made all the difference.
I'm still going to make my video testimonial for your work, but it's already over. I thought that will be in some amazing place on the planet!
You will be in my heart during the whole trip!

Julia Cervati

My process with Paola was very important.
I am clinical psychology and I also work with self-knowledge groups for women. For the the fact that I am self-employed and my own company, I came to question whether I should do the coaching process for entrepreneurs and if this was really my focus in moment.
I had an initial conversation with Paola, in which I understood that it could make a lot of sense for mine personal and professional goals, so I decided to give it a try.
It was a very good process to work with, as we took a walk looking from my values and life's mission, even what I want to keep building.
At the end of the ten sessions, I could be sure how valid it was for me pass by coaching. I managed to reflect, organize my ideas and put into practice many things I came procrastinating.
At each meeting we worked with different tools that helped me to clarify the why of mine choices, look at the journey I'm on and thus make a plan action for my next steps.
I have a lot to be thankful for and I recommend this process to anyone who wants to rescue, reinforce, plan, or even even completely change.   afternoon to find what really makes sense to our lives.

Juana Sirotsky

The first time I hired Paola's coaching service in 2015, at time had started I just started my company and had 1 employee.
At that time I hired Paola because she needed to organize in my head all mine ideas, understand the paths I could take to achieve our goals. Furthermore, it was It is necessary to better understand our goals and especially the processes that we would need to have within our company.
Today, after 7 years, we have our company organized, with a team of 21 people in total, and we still have a lot ahead of us and we count on the help of Paola Tucunduva who will certainly   guide us in our next steps.

Rafael Piva

Over 25 years of experience in Leadership and Business Coaching for the growth and development of your company.

Entrepreneur's Academy

Online Course

Develop the behaviors that lead to success.


Entrepreneur's Coaching

Individual process to help you define your company's next goals, in addition to planning the development of actions to achieve specific objectives.


About Me Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach

Paola Tucunduva

Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach Being able to contribute with my knowledge is my life mission!

Expert in Entrepreneurship, leadership and management of small, medium and large companies. Guiding entrepreneurs in their quest for success. Strengthening large companies in the pursuit of excellence.

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Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach

Testimonials Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach

from Those Who Know Me Best

  • "Do you know anyone who has that famous sparkle in their eyes when they work? Who manages to infect, provoke and influence the class with what he says? What instigates people to seek the best they have within themselves? Who has the gift of teaching? Who deeply believes in the content that speaks? Who strongly believes in the values and capacity for transformation that Entrepreneurship performs? All this with a smile on your face, respect and professionalism? Do you know someone who brought you baggage, learning and that made a difference in your life? I met a person like that... I was on course with Paola!"

    Renato Celebrone
  • "Paola is a brilliant facilitator, she has technical and behavioral skills that make us see our difficulties with assertiveness and punctual delicacy. of the human being, with sweetness and competence. I am very grateful to her for the learning I had. Entrepreneur in the field of engineering Empretec 2015"

    Juliana Behar
  • "Thanks for the feedback and kindness in making the book available, I'm curious to start reading it. I take this opportunity to say that I follow your programs and the Alma do Negócios website. I really like the language you use in your program and the content aimed at entrepreneurs, making it possible to expand our knowledge and vision. I want to say that it is very good to have your programs and content, which adds extremely important material for those who have and want to set up their own business. It has helped a lot in formatting my business. Congratulations on the job! A hug and much success!"

    John Paul
  • "Paola is a magical woman. Working alongside her and led by her, I felt stronger and safer. Climate she creates with her calm and assertive leadership. Owner of a cheerful and radiant energy, she allows the best of those around her with freedom and responsibility. A strong, loving, friendly, brilliant woman, she provides participants in the groups she works with with deep, subtle and careful learning. It is a privilege from God to be able to work and learn with Paola through her example. I consider Paola a model of professional behavior. Working with her, for me, is synonymous with my professional success. Gratitude!"

    Renato Moraes
  • "Paola Tucunduva is one of those people who manage to get inside us, promoting changes in our way of seeing and facing challenges. She masters the art of communicating, demonstrating her skills and experience as an entrepreneur. Sincere, objective and efficient, she believes a lot in what she does. Finally, an elite professional. "

    Gilberto - Empretec
  • "I did the Empretec with Paola and I was impressed how she passes on the knowledge, with a truth, that only those who love what they do, can touch us like this. Thank you so much for somehow transforming my life!! "

    Giuliana Calvo