With our entrepreneurs' coaching, you can gain essential management, leadership, and entrepreneurial skill

Entrepreneurs Coaching

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Individual process carried out in 10 sessions, online, to develop entrepreneurial characteristics and management and leadership skills necessary to achieve a specific objective.

In the Coaching process, Paola Tucunduva uses her experience to guide entrepreneurs who want to expand, direct and innovate in their businesses, in addition to increasing their leadership capacity, resilience for the path of growth and long-term vision to always stay ahead of the curve. your competitors.

Using specific tools and delimiting real goals, Paola helps you on the path to success and prepares you for the growth of your company.


Good morning Paola, I have news to tell you, yesterday after our conversation my thoughts really changed a lot and it created in me this desire to reach the goals we set, this morning. I went to visit a potential client when I took my employee and did a survey of what needed to be replaced, I sent an email to the person in charge at the company claiming that it would be interesting to change some plants and vases and fertilize and prepare the plants so that in the summer everything would be beautiful.
Just now I received approval for these services R$ 3,181.00.
Thank you very much for the guidance, and this morning   I did the okr and now I'm done.   here in a place I can see every day.
I am very excited and will definitely see the fruits appear.
Paola, yesterday &agra; Later, another potential client had asked me for some things too, this morning. I made the budget and sent it. Probably another one that will close.


Dear Paola !!!
I'm on the plane going to Australia!
I tried to send you several audios but I got very emotional and my voice wouldn't come out....
I'm now embarking on my gap year and I'm just going to do it. I feel a deep gratitude for having appeared in my life!!
Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!
Meeting you was amazing and made all the difference.
I'm still going to make my video testimonial for your work, but it's already over. I thought it was going to be somewhere amazing on the planet!
You will be in my heart during the whole trip!

Julia Cervati

My process with Paola was very important.
I am clinical psychology and I also work with self-knowledge groups for women. Because I am self-employed and own my own company, I even questioned whether I should take the coaching process for entrepreneurs and whether this was really my focus at the time.
I had an initial conversation with Paola, in which I understood that it could make a lot of sense for my personal and professional goals, so I decided to give it a try.
It was a very good process to work with, as we took a walk looking from my values and mission in life, to my own life. what I want to keep building.
At the end of the ten sessions, I could be sure of how valid it was for me to go through the coaching. I managed to reflect, organize my ideas and put into practice many things that I had been procrastinating.
At each meeting, we worked with different tools that helped me clarify the reasons for my choices, look at the journey I am taking and thus make an action plan for my next steps.
I have a lot to be thankful for, and I recommend this process to everyone who wants to rescue, reinforce, plan, or even improve. even completely change.   It's too late to find what really makes sense in our lives.

Juana Sirotsky

The first time I hired Paola's coaching service in 2015, at the time I had just started my company and had 1 employee.
At that time, I hired Paola because she needed to organize all my ideas in my head, understand the paths I could take to reach our goals. In addition, it was necessary to better understand our goals and especially the processes that we would need to have within our company.
Today, after 7 years, we have our company organized, with a team of 21 people in total, and we still have a lot ahead of us and we count on the help of Paola Tucunduva, who will certainly help us. guide us in our next steps.

Rafael Piva


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