Paola Business Coach's Entrepreneur's Academy guide you in the development of entrepreneurial management

Entrepreneur's Academy

Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach

In this 14-hour course, Paola Tucunduva uses a methodology and targeted exercises to guide you in the development of entrepreneurial management.

What you will see:

  • How to set your personal and professional goals
  • Mapping your behavioral profile and development plan
  • The pillars for success in the management of your company
  • Modern Marketing Techniques
  • Coaching tools to guide you in setting and achieving goals.
With Elite Coaching, Paola shares all her experience, work techniques, coaching tools, how to structure your sessions

elite coaching

Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach

The profession of Coach has more and more competition. Training is no longer a competitive differential and is not enough to teach you how to act in practice and help your clients to really be able to see the result of their work.

In Elite Coaching, Paola Tucunduva focuses on different aspects of Coaching and teaches methodologies she uses so that the client can visualize the transformation that the process has brought to her life. More than that, Paola shares all her experience, work techniques, coaching tools, how to structure your sessions, consultations and how to deliver your work efficiently and effectively, bringing a unique differential and leading you to be among the Elite of coaching in Brazil.

Paola Business Coach's Customized Workshops developed exclusively to achieve your company's goals

Customized Workshops

Business Consulting Sunny Isles Beach

Training developed exclusively to achieve your company's goals.

With an injection of spirit, entrepreneurship and inspiration, Paola Tucunduva uses specific techniques and practical activities to make everyone get their hands dirty and solve the proposed challenges.

Ideal for leaders, managers and employees who deal directly with strategic and/or routine activities.


Good afternoon
I managed to close two experimental sessions.
I will remain steadfast in the challenge!

Tania Castro

I have a lot of news to tell you.
After your training.
Many doors have opened.

Helenita Mizael

I highly recommend it, I had the opportunity to attend the Empretec seminar, I was happy to have Paola
Tucunduva, as a Coaching
  Yes! It is a transformative experience, capable of enhancing entrepreneurial skills and characteristics. Paola, I am very grateful for the explanations and dynamics of experience that I learned. Thank you very much!

André Marcolino

My testimonial: Paola has empathy, which makes people who are under her moderation expose themselves and participate, which greatly enriches the work. Not to mention the brightness and high spirits that she maintains all the time in her activities.

Luli Sarraf

Thanks to you!!! These follow-up meetings are very rich
Paola. In addition to the guidance, it brings the participants together and each one is always ready to help the other. É TOO MUCH !!   really congratulations! Found the correct format.   very stimulating.
You always end up wanting to do more. I am really happy! You know the overflow technique.   to tell everyone and that everyone belongs to the group!

Sonia Armond

A Paola, She is an entrepreneur with an incredible story, has some classes recorded on Meu Sucesso and I believe it is worth following her on social media and podcasts.

Leo Veri Coach Designer

My process with Paola was very important.
I am clinical psychology and I also work with self-knowledge groups for women.
Because I am self-employed and own my own company, I even questioned whether I should take the coaching process for entrepreneurs and whether this was really my focus at the time.
I had an initial conversation with Paola, in which I understood that it could make a lot of sense for my personal and professional goals, so I decided to give it a try.
It was a very good process to work with, as we took a walk looking from my values and mission in life, to my own life. what I want to keep building.
At the end of the ten sessions, I could be sure of how valid it was for me to go through the coaching. I managed to reflect, organize my ideas and put into practice many things that I had been procrastinating.
At each meeting, we worked with different tools that helped me clarify the reasons for my choices, look at the journey I am taking and thus make an action plan for my next steps.
I have a lot to be thankful for, and I recommend this process to everyone who wants to rescue, reinforce, plan, or even change. even completely change.   It's too late to find what really makes sense in our lives.

Juana Sirotsky


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